Unforgivable Crimes

A con artist is someone who persuades someone into something that is not accurate and the con artist takes advantage of them. In this series, you will learn some of the most unforgivable crimes and what these con artists have done to people over time. It is amazing the extremes these people are willing to take to get what they want. Each episode in this television series focuses on a new crime and a different message.

Tuesdays at 10:00 pm et/pt on WE tv
1 Season, 5 Episodes
August 3, 2010
Documentary & Biography
Unforgivable Crimes

Unforgivable Crimes Full Episode Guide

  • A soft-spoken and apparently shy young man turns out to be terrifying predator and serial rapist.

  • When 10-year-old Carolyn Jewell arrived at Mount St. Joseph School in 1956, she was used to being the new kid. As an "Army brat" she moved around constantly, finding it tough to form lasting friendships. It looked like things would be the same in her new home of London, Ontario, until she met the priest from the nearby college. Father Sylvestre was brought into her class, and introduced as a visiting priest. He appeared to be a nice person and Carolyn had been taught that you should love your priest. But this "nice person" would return that love with a cruel abuse of power.

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