The Country Mouse and City Mouse Adventures

Two American mice while visiting relatives in their world travels have many adventures. There is excitement in each new place when they have to solve problems of people and animals, locate items, and foil the plans of criminals. Country mouse Emily and city mouse Alexander in a few of their adventures went to San Francisco, England, India, and Switzerland. In San Francisco the two mice rode a trolley car in the middle of an earthquake while they tried to find bank robbers. In England they were searching for the queen

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2 Seasons, 52 Episodes
April 28, 2003
Animation & Cartoons
Cast: Rob Wreford, Al Gravelle, Kate Hutchison
The Country Mouse and City Mouse Adventures

The Country Mouse and City Mouse Adventures Full Episode Guide

  • Cousin Simone introduces the mice to Melanie, whose parents' sugar cane plantation has been disturbed by the appearance of the Midnight Robber.

  • Emily and Alexander are determined to be the first mice to the North Pole, but discover that their cousin, Makko, has explored the arctic before.

  • Cousin Nikos is certain that a shifty rat is cheating in the Mouse Olympics and needs the mice's help to prove it.

  • Cousin Nina and her friend are excited about Nina's newest toy inventions for young mice.

  • Before Alexander can inherit the castle his Aunt Fiona has left for him, he must solve the disappearance of his cousin's friend, Rory.

  • Emily and Alexander arrive in New Zealand to visit their cousin, Amanda, who has worked long and hard to give her countrywomen the right to vote.

  • Bird sanctuary worker Jake is worried that the first flight of the Wright brothers' plane will disturb the nearby nests of the laughing gulls.

  • Cousin Jaow-Long's friend, Yin, is hoping his boat will win the race at the annual Dragon Boat festival, but the rivalry between villages is intense.

  • The mice travel with their cousin's friend, Harriet, and famous inventor George Washington Carver to the St. Louis World's Fair.

  • The mice are invited to Holland to witness the coronation of its newest queen, cousin Miep's best friend, 10-year-old Wilhemina.

  • The mice witness Engel Vanschlump challenge Houdini to the ultimate test: The Vanschlump Underwater Escape Tank.

  • On their visit to Washington, D.C., Emily and Alexander learn that President Roosevelt's horse, Cyclone, has disappeared.

  • Emily and Alexander's relaxing visit to a New York tea cafe is interrupted by Buffalo Bill Cody's "Wild West Show."

  • At the first world series of baseball, cousin Casey introduces the mice to his friend, Joey, whose father, a pitcher, is in a major slump.

  • The mice try to solve the mystery of Arthur Conan Doyle's missing manuscript for "The Hound of the Baskervilles."

  • The mice are invited to the world premiere of Auguste and Louis Lumiere's moving picture camera.

  • Strange things occur as inventor Marconi prepares to send the first transatlantic wireless telegraph transmission from England to Newfoundland.

  • On the maiden voyages of the Mauritania and the Mousetania, mice, rats and people dream of a better life in America.

  • The mice accompany their cousin, Tio, and his friend, Sugita, on an expedition into the jungles of the mountainous Congo.

  • Benedetta's parents are hoping to win a cooking contest in honor of the king and queen's visit, and make their restaurant the most famous in Venice.

  • After getting covered head to toe with flour, Alexander is mistaken for the moon goddess Caban in Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula.

  • At the Imperial School of Ballet in St. Petersburg, cousin Nadya's friend struggles with a terrible case of stage fright.

  • Cousin Renaud's friend, Olivier, is worried that unless his father wins the Tour de France he could lose their winery to a greedy banker.

  • It's Christmas Eve and Santa's workshop is bustling. Emily, Alexander and their cousin Noelle hop aboard Donner to retrieve the reindeer from their year-long rest in Lapland. But the reindeer are missing! Clues lead our mice to the toy factory of the evil Henrik, who has kidnapped the reindeer to keep Santa from making his Christmas deliveries. Henrik is convinced that the day after Christmas, parents will be desperate to buy his toys and he'll get rich! The mice meet Beate, a little girl who's father works for Henrik. The only thing she wants for Christmas is for her father to stop working so much and spend more time with her. Together, Beate and the mice rescue the reindeer and, with a little help from Santa, teach Henrik the true meaning of Christmas.

  • Cousin Safari Sue hurries Emily and Alexander to the village to meet her friend Tumaini. When they run up, they're surprised to find Tumaini being teased by the other children because she is so much taller than the rest. Tumaini runs off in tears to hide in Dark Mountain. The mice are about to follow her when they are frightened by a backfiring jalopy driven by DeClerk, a greedy, blustering diamond miner. As he gets ready to blast the mountain, the mice hurry to save Tumaini, seeking help from one of their distant cousins, a cave bat named Bongo. Working together, they foil DeClerk's plans to destroy the mountain. Tumaini gets a heroine's welcome when she returns to her village and suddenly all the children want her to be their special friend.

  • Cousin Sonja, her friend Paulo, Emily and Alexander are sailing in a little fishing boat off the coast of Ecuador when a storm comes up! They are thrown from their boat and are afraid they'll drown, when a grappling hook snags Paulo by the pants. As the mice hold on for dear life, they are dumped on the deck of a seafaring vessel. Emily spots the Jolly Roger flying overhead and guesses the worst: Paulo's been caught by a band of pirates! These rogues are desperate to find Big Jim Tin's treasure, but they have one problem: they have a map, but they can't read it. Paulo's reading skills save his life as he helps the pirates decipher the clues. Alexander, Emily and Sonja, with the help of an enormous tortoise, keep a step ahead of the pirates as they find the buried treasure and save Paulo.

  • When Cousin Gemima hurries Emily and Alexander to the farm to meet her friend Amy, they discover there is trouble ahoof. Amy is convinced that her father is so in love with his latest contraption - an automobile - that he no longer has any use for her beloved horse, Nicholas. She doesn't have to hear the phrase "horseless carriage" twice before she sneaks away with Nicholas into the Australian outback. Soon, she faces the dangers of the wild land, including a pack of snarling dingoes. It's a race against time as her parents hurry to find Amy while our mice, assisted by a helpful dog, hurry along a secret short cut. With the help of "Uncle Arthur" a family friend who is a master at throwing the boomerang, Amy is saved and reunited with her parents. Her father assures her he would never get rid of Nicholas. Automobiles may be the latest thing, but no one can run a farm without a horse.

  • The Moscow Circus is in danger of being closed down! A string of thefts all over the city have two things in common: jewelry is being stolen out of high rooms although the doors are locked from the inside, and each theft has occurred while the circus is in progress. The mice's cousin Ivan is worried that the circus might close which would be the end of the Mousecovite Circus as well. Our heroes help him discover that his friend, Sasha, is being forced to steal by the evil ringmaster. Sasha wants only to be a performer in the circus and for his father to get his old job back as ringmaster. The mice help Sasha set a trap for his dastardly boss. When the circus opens the next night, Sasha soars as the newest acrobat and his father is once again Ringmaster of the Moscow Circus.

  • Cousin Fumi can't wait to introduce Emily and Alexander to her lonely friend Kiko, but when they pull up to the silk shop where she lives - there's trouble! Rats are stealing the silk Kiko's father, Oda-san, must deliver to the Emperor. The next day, the Emperor is furious when there is no silk to make his daughter, Mitsumi, a kimono. Meanwhile, the mice set a trap for the pesky rats and in a wild free for all, mice and rats end up sliding and swirling ink all over one of the bolts of silk. As soon as he sees it, the emperor wants only the painted silk the mice have created. Kiko and Oda-san have no idea where it came from and it's up to the mice to recreate the swirling masterpiece. The next day Mitsumi has a beautiful kimono and Kiko and Mitsumi have found a new friend in each other.

  • Emily and Alexander get their first ride on a dogsled as they travel with Cousin Powhuktuk through the snows of Northern Canada. They meet twins Katelo and Nuljalik, a girl and a boy, who are worried that their village will have no food for the harsh winter. When their father, Tanugeak, sets out to find more fish, they follow him although they have been told to stay safely at home. It takes all their skills to survive in the bitter cold and escape from the claws of an angry polar bear. When they discover their father stranded on an ice floe, the twins and the mice set out to save him and discover a mysterious ship floating in the mist. It is a cargo ship, abandoned long ago, and it's full of food! The mice help Kataelo and Nuljalik bring the boat in and save their father. On the boat there is more than enough food for the entire village.

  • There has been a major bank heist in Zurich! Someone has made off with thousands of gold coins. Alexander wants to learn more, but it's time for the Swiss Chocolate Festival. Cousin Heidi, her friend Petra and the mice discover that a strange woman, Greta, is trying to buy up all the chocolate in town. But why? When the chocolate competition is sabotaged by a wild bunch of St. Bernards, Petra and the mice follow Greta and her clumsy sidekick Dag, to their mountain hideout. There they discover them making their own chocolates. After a wild bobsled race down the mountainside, Petra delivers the thieves and the chocolate to the judges who take a bite. The chocolate isn't just chocolate, it's chocolate covered gold coins! The thieves are arrested and Petra's parents win the chocolate competition. Later, Petra's parents make a fortune with their latest idea: gold foil-covered chocolate coins!

  • The mice are in Corbett National Park in East India visiting their cousin Bajay and his friend Sarita. Sarita is very worried because animals have mysteriously been disappearing and she and her father, the park ranger, don't know why! Sarita is convinced that Sam McBean, who is new to the jungle, is somehow responsible for the disappearances. The mice meet a white tigress, Asura, who tells them (after scaring them half to death!) that her cub is missing. The mice find her cub and discover that the animals' watering hole has been poisoned. They also find the missing animals who have been caged by the evil McBean. In a daredevil rescue, Sarita, Asura and the mice save the animals and reveal McBean as a heartless animal poacher.

  • The mice visit their cousin Ernestine and her friend Jeannie and discover that the famous cable cars are mysteriously breaking down. Jeannie's grandfather invented the cable cars, but her father, Jamie, can't figure out what is causing the problems. After a near crash, he fires Murphy, a brakeman with a bad attitude. Murphy disguises himself to look exactly like Jamie and proceeds to rob a bank. The police grab Jamie and charge him with the robbery. Meanwhile, the mice discover what's wrong with the cable cars. The rats are moving out - throwing their garbage everywhere and clogging the cable because there's an earthquake coming! (Rats are very sensitive to seismic activity.) The mice and Jeannie catch Murphy and deliver him to the police, while warning the townspeople of the coming earthquake.

  • The Mice are in Munich for the premiere of Strauss' newest symphony. Their cousin Otto, known far and wide as the Strauss Maus, leads the first run-through of the piece only to discover that the music has been switched for a cacophonous musical nightmare! Otto's friend, Strauss's son Franz, is convinced his father's assistant Herr Rauber is somehow responsible and has stolen his father's symphony! After following Rauber and running into some rats who plan to use the original manuscript as kindling for their fire, the mice retrieve the music just in time for the performance to begin.

  • The mice are visiting their cousin Agatha and looking forward to attending Queen Victoria's Golden Jubilee celebration, but there's trouble apaw when they discover that the diamond in the Queen's crown has been stolen! Agatha is afraid her best friend Molly's mum, the Queen's maid, will be accused of the theft. With a little help from Rathbone the Rat, a reformed safe cracker, the mice discover the thief is actually Maggie the Magpie who just can't keep her claws off of shiny objects!

  • Someone is drawing mustaches on the great works of art at the Louvre Museum! Cousin Gaston needs the mice to help him find out who is responsible before the museum is closed and his friend Emily's father, the janitor at the Louvre, loses his job. At first, all clues lead to the artist, Monet, but soon our heroes discover it is Louis Moustache, a frustrated rat artist, who is defacing the paintings. Together they convince Louis to clean up his act (and the great works) and help him launch his own art opening for the mice elite of Paris.

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