Sorted Food @ The Table

Delicious and Outrageous Recipes.

2 Seasons, 62 Episodes
January 21, 2014
Sorted Food @ The Table

Sorted Food @ The Table Full Episode Guide

  • Ben and Barry go after the group's sweet tooth with a delicious pear and cranberry lattice.

  • Sorted Food makes a coffee and walnut treat, inspired by Momofuku's famous Crack Pie.

  • In this episode of Sorted Food @ The Table, Ben and Jamie make an old school Roly Poly with a homemade fig jam.

  • Ben and Mike from Sorted Food make a very Japanese version of a very Italian dessert.

  • Sorted Food makes an epic stack of crepes, layered with cream, fresh apples and butterscotch sauce.

  • Ben and Mike from Sorted Food make a warm winter blackberry and fig strudel.

  • Ben and Jamie from Sorted Food make a gorgeous pistachio and saffron cake.

  • Ben and Mike make sweet arancini balls served with fresh fruit and chocolate drizzle.

  • Ben and Jamie make an egg custard tart with chocolate and pistachio!

  • Ben and Mike take a classic American treat and turn it into a super awesome cheesecake!

  • SortedFood makes proper, manly homemade venison pie.

  • Ben and Barry give the classic trifle a much needed facelift. Merged with fresh berries, red velvet sponge, and cointreau, it's super British and a bit old school.

  • In this episode of Sorted Food @ The Table, Ben and Mike make an amazing strawberry pudding that only takes 5 minutes to put together!

  • Ben and Jamie of Sorted Food make a frozen mousse dessert that just melts in your mouth.

  • Ben and Mike make French Toast Dippers with, you ready correctly....bacon jam.

  • Ben and Jamie make a batch of brownies with an unlikely ingredient.

  • Ben and Barry make a toasted apple cake with homemade butterscotch sauce.

  • Ben and Barry turn pannacotta on it's head and make a savory version with a black pepper shortbread biscuit and a tart gooseberry purĀ©e.

  • Ben and Jamie make a delicious Winter treat - a Hot Chocolate Mocha with homemade biscuits.

  • SortedFood makes Banoffee Bites, a deconstructed version of a classic (and delicious) English dessert made from bananas and toffee.

  • A SortedFood take on a traditional panna cotta.

  • Ben and Jamie make an under-the-sea italian recipe of squid ink risotto, roasted tomatos, and seaweed garlic bread.

  • In this episode of SortedFood @ The Table, Ben and Mike make a stuffed Roast Beef Sandwich, unlike any you've ever had.

  • Sorted Food makes ultimate homemade nachos with smokey poached chicken.

  • Ben and Barry make a homemade curried parsnip gnocchi.

  • Ben and Barry from Sorted Food make Peking Duck with homemade plum sauce and pancakes.

  • Ben and Jamie make a unique twist on the classic British dish, Fish and Chips.

  • Ben and Barry make pork chops with cider cabbage and delicious roast potatoes.

  • Ben and Mike make a hearty pumpkin soup with tempura squash that's perfect for a fall feast.

  • Ben and Jamie make Jerk Poussin with a sweet potato salad.

  • Ben and Jamie make a Seafood Orzo with a very interesting coastal vegetable as a side dish.

  • Ben and Barry make amazing Pulled Pork sandwiches with an Italian twist.

  • Ben and Barry make an herbaceous variation on a Classic Pasta Carbonara.

  • Mike and Jamie visit an urban farm in Central London to pick up some unique ingredients for the table.

  • Ben and Barry make a platter of delicious ribs with coconut sticky rice.

  • In this very special episode of SortedFood @ The Source, Barry and Ben leave the Sorted kitchen and head to Borough Market in London to talk rabbit meat. WARNING - if you're as squeamish as Barry, watch at your own risk.

  • Ben and Barry show you how easy it is to make a delicious sushi platter.

  • Ben and Jamie make a coffee-marinated beef dish with an amazing maple coleslaw.

  • Ben and Mike deconstruct the classic caesar salad and throw in some twists on the classic ingredients.

  • Mike and Barry leave the Sorted kitchen and head to Hansen & Lydersen in North London to visit the source of some of the most exquisite smoked salmon on the planet.

  • Ben and Mike take on a homemade Greek meze. Even though these dishes by themselves are quite simple, together they create an amazing food platter.

  • In this episode of Sorted Food @ The Table, Ben and Jamie make a Sorted twist on the iconic Spanish Paella.

  • Ben and Jamie make platter of Spanish Tapas that are easy easy to make, yet together they offer a feast of tasty Spanish-inspired food

  • Ben and Barry make a seriously sophisticated mac 'n' cheese by adding king prawns and a side of amazing seared scallops.

  • Ben and Barry make a delicious lamb kebab with a GIANT couscous salad.

  • Ben and Barry make sweet cherry dessert ravioli that throws all the boys for a loop.

  • Ben and Mike make a deconstructed Thai chicken broth recipe, that is both delicious and a bit healthy!

  • Ben and Mike make one of easiest, yet most impressive recipes they've done - a simple to make soda bread and mussels in a creamy cider sauce, perfect for dipping. Yummy!

  • Ben and Barry make a pork and creamy polenta dish with balsamic apples...mmmmmmm.

  • Ben and Jamie try out a "European" trio of flatbread recipes on the rest of the group.

  • Ben and Mike make a crowd-pleasing tikka masala and an amazing homemade aubergine raita to go along with it.

  • Ben and Jamie make an updated version of a prawn cocktail, with a few Sorted twists.

  • Ben and Mike whip up a Lamb Biryani that some of the group find a little too hot to handle.

  • Ben and Mike make a festive recipe featuring some of Mike's least favorite ingredients!

  • Ben and Barry make a crowd-pleasing recipe using an unlikely ingredient!

  • Ben and Barry make Jerk Chicken with Crispy Potato Skins and Coleslaw - a spicy dish that's great to share with friends.

  • Ben and Jamie make Moroccan Turkey Pie.

  • Ben and Mike make a delicious vegetarian noodle dish made from wild mushrooms, and the guys contemplate what really makes a mushroom "wild".

  • Ben and Mike make a homemade pasta designed to impress that special someone - or at the very least the other guys at the table.

  • Sorted Food makes a DIY version of the always-popular fish taco.

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