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Sidekick is a 30-minute television drama that was created in 1986. It is a story of an ordinary police officer who tutors a young man; in turn the young boy demands to be able to assist him on his police cases by using martial arts to help. The television show is set in Southern California. The police officer's name is Rizzo, and the child's name is Ernie. As Rizzo tutors Ernie, many life lessons are learned. The show takes on an interesting turn when Sgt. Rizzo realizes that not only is he tutoring Ernie, Ernie is also teaching him. They become a great team solving crimes and fighting bad guys together.

Weekdays 3:30PM et/pt on Cartoon Network
4 Seasons, 87 Episodes
June 13, 2011
Animation & Cartoons, Children
Cast: Carter Hayden, Miklos Perlus, Ron Pardo, Patrick McKenna
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Sidekick Full Episode Guide

  • Also all the students was a place to rock on a show and their manners. / The kids celebrates a birthday party for everyone, but evil rise from Mayor Humdinger and his Evil villains to destroy him, now it time to beat the villains in town.

  • Kids has built the ultimate super-track, and every students in town is coming to see the show! But when a jealous Crusher tricks their Darington and sends him far, far away, it's up to Ryder, Everest and Rubble to rescue him.

  • At the Classroom, students watch Pearl is paint the glitter art so we can see and transform into glitter kids. / In a day, Tracker finds Zeg and Stripes so he can save the jungle show.

  • Everest and Darington finds an ice from the Flounder, but no one will beat the ice when it's cold. / Mandy was back and it's returned by Struction house to school.

  • A built of Duel Mania who drives a rainbow track with telling to rescue him. / In this 5 days, Girls was to explore diverse approaches to building clay sculpture inspired by animals in this world.

  • Bumblebee's unexpected appearance watch at Sidekick School brings more than a few surprises to the Team.

  • After Vana accidentally abuses the Glamour Ray, Splittsboro becomes a warzone. Will Vana stop the war before the city becomes dust? / The gang visits the RCAF air base but was under attack by the forces of Airstar. Will the gang stop her plans before she takes the air base?

  • The Sidekick Team is distressed, and the town of Splitsboro gets more than it bargained for, when Chase is elected as the new mayor.

  • Kitty completes against the Rescue Bots to try to win the tournament. / Heatwave got train to do a lot of fitness stuff.

  • Super Special Ed has a field trip day to the Wild West to help horses and Magnets. / After Vana, Kitty and Mandy works at a bakery, High Tide and his students to watch our cookie video. If Rescue Bots saves the bakery, Rubble, Chase and Rocky is going to fix the store.

  • A breakthrough returned to sidekicks obsolete to make sure Robots can apply anything. / A website has set up to spy on the sidekicks and his Kids.

  • All Eric's fault what Blaze, Crusher, Zeg, Darington, Starla, Stripes and Pickle gets tired. So Heatwave and her Bots save the realm with classes from school and his memories, to get Monster Machines back.

  • During an airing of Doctor Who, the Daleks began to invade Splitsboro. With the help of the Doctor, the gang must defeat them. / Eric is held hostage by XOX's minions. Vana must rescue him.

  • As Chloe tries to pick up the pieces of the failed reunion with her old friend, Timmy and the rest of the Splittsboro Kids struggle to save the Crystal Empire from an eternal winter.

  • Timmy and the rest of the Splittsboro Kids head to the Crystal Empire for the "Crystallization" of Cadence and Shining Armor's new baby while Timmy takes the opportunity to present Chloe with her first friendship lesson. Unfortunately neither Chloe's lesson nor the baby visit go as planned.

  • Kids must choose between of his dream. / With Maxum Brain about to throw the party of the year while his kids are out of town, there's no way Eric is going to miss it.

  • After Skye was crash lands in the snow, Ryder stuck on the edge and calls Everest to save the day! / Our story begins with a yogurt lover who wanted to give kids an alternative, Blaze wants to all those cinnamon rolls found at the mall.

  • After Vana wants to celebrate narrative opening from this world. / Caring for an new spore is supposed to teach Eric responsibility but it might end up destroying all over the world!

  • While these class can't be used in Splittsboro, they still act as Sidekicks in Villians. / When girls have an activity to win this champion, the boys kick the ball at the time as we win this round.

  • When Eric wants to watch of his favorite show, he has to beat each kids to get to the couch first! / When Class is around Splittsboro, Eric usually disappears due to the fact that King is real identity is the Queen.

  • New recruit Splurr deserts the Sidekicks and takes off in their ship, the Sigma, while the rest of the Sidekick Team deals with the effects of a solar flare that knocks out all the power in Splittsboro.

  • Sidekicks and the Rescue Bots must teach everything they know about how to serve, save, and protect before was fit to us and it accidently hurt someone.

  • It is the blast holiday, Blastgiving, so Trevor helps Eric deliver dream gifts to the citizens of Splittsboro. / The Class help student pass the Preparatory Overview of Pupils test so she can avoided the school.

  • Eric finds out that he has to share his friends with the new boy in school, Rusty. But when Rusty realizes she can use her magic for good, she wishes everyone in Splittsboro would share everything, and chaos ensues.

  • When Heatwave, Blades, Boulder, Chase, High Tide, Blurr, Salvage and Optimus Prime right ahead to Splittsboro, Professor Pamplemosse is teaching the video for lessons. / Buffalo Eric is being amazing place what Mayor Goodway looks like, when we make Buffalo Wings, Mr. Porter tasted good.

  • Patrick tells their friends to celebrate their Shamrocks Day. / After Eric turn into Bee Human, Trevor who spelled correctly to make sure as well.

  • When Vana and Kitty is unleashing the power, they want you to know about challenge. / Timmy and Chloe at the library to give some power, but Eric and his students studied altogether.

  • The Monster Machines adventures after Eric is finish the work. / Even Mikey got Bunsen for business to work for office, but Trevor doesn't get any lessons while Eric is driving.

  • Despite being a school, Martin abhors the idea of teaching… until he gets "stuck" having to care for Professor Pamplemoose's class. He soon discovers the joys of the classroom. / The Sidekicks create a video game where players can go inside with my friends accidentally enter the game!

  • After Mikey was cheating Lasagna when XOX makes a giant food. / When evidence surfaces that the Sidekick and their friends are descended from pirates, the Kids suspends the Team from duty and Bunsen leads the way in clearing their names.

  • On a field trip to an archaeological dig site, Eric accidentally un freezes the world's first super villain, who immediately kidnaps Kitty and tries to destroy the city with his dinosaur army; A breakthrough in technology has rendered sidekicks obsolete. Robots can do everything a sidekick can do, just way better. At first everyone is happy they don't have to work anymore, but soon they start to want their old life back. And when the robots becomes so efficient they put both supers and villains out of business, Eric leads the charge to take their town back.

  • Pamplemoose actually has a date, so he needs someone to housesit. And since no one else wants to do it, Eric, Trevor, Vana and Kitty get roped into spending the night in Pamplemoose's haunted mansion;Eric has never had a good school picture taken, so he's determined to get one this year. All he has to do is make it to school without getting pummeled, torn by monkeys, or slimed. It's a lot harder than it sounds.

  • Eric befriends an exchange student, Finn, from the underwater side of town and accidentally eats a member of his family;Eric discovers that Maxum Man has a secret fortress and goes on a search to find it, and maybe Maxum Man as well.

  • Eric visits the circus for the first time only to discover it populated by kidnapped superheroes being made to perform as the acts;The boys get an ant farm, and within moments, giant ants rule the world.

  • It's Valentine's Day in Splittsboro. Eric is excited to give his homemade card to Vana, only to discover that he has to first fight his way through all her other suitors before he can give it to her;The boys spice up their Sidecar Class by modifying their sidecar, causing them to circle the globe repeatedly...with no brakes.

  • Eric gets a pimple which grows into a Siamese twin type clone attached to his face. Which wouldn't be so bad, except that the clone is better at everything than Eric;Eric experiences his first parade on Hurray for Splittsboro Day, only to discover it's a full contact event and he's about to be destroyed.

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