Paul The Male Matchmaker

Paul the Male Matchmaker is a new comedic series from Warner Brothers. The cast consists of Paul Bartholomew, Darcy Shean, Lisa Edelstein and Teresa Ganzel just to name a few. In this ten series show it focuses on the life of a man, Paul who inherits a matchmaking business from his aunt. Paul feels that this business is right up his alley since he has a great deal to offer on the subject of relationships. He is married to a wealthy woman, feels that he is charismatic and has the looks.

Ironically, Paul lacks sensitivity and has no clue how to interact with his female clients and flops as he attempts to get to know them. His tactics to get his female clients to open up and share their previous relationship information as well as what they are looking for in a soul mate are humorous since he lacks sensitivity and empathy for his clients. This show is a mockumentary type of show that ends each episode with Paul giving a recap of his day, the women he has met and what he has learned from this experience.

Warner Bros. Studio 2.0
1 Season, 11 Episodes
February 13, 2012
Cast: Paul Bartholomew, Darcy Shean, Teresa Ganzel, Ann Ryerson
Paul The Male Matchmaker

Paul The Male Matchmaker Full Episode Guide

  • Never Give Up on Love

  • Fear Can Make Someone Love You

  • Know How To Cook: Part 2

  • Paul hosts a "Danish running dinner." Boring to explain, super fun to do.

  • Know When You're Simply Too Old

  • The Experts

  • Don't Be a Meanie

  • Do What It Takes

  • First Impressions are Everything

  • Meet Paul, the new owner of a matchmaking business.

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