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On the Case With Paula Zahn is a crime and justice show hosted by Emmy Award-winning journalist Paula Zahn. The show documents some of the most shocking and heinous crimes and mysteries that have taken place over the last several decades. Zahn uses her over thirty years of investigative and reporting experience to dissect each case and shed light on all of the facts, regardless of where they lead. Some of the recent cases explored include, "Last Rites," which investigates stabbing and strangling of a nun and "A Tell Tale Call," which sheds light on the murder of a young woman who works at a dating service.

Each case is explored in-depth from a variety of angles. On the Case conducts interviews with law enforcement officials who work the cases, prosecutors, the victim's family members, forensic doctors - and, sometimes, the accused. When interviewed, the accused never admit guilt but staunchly protest their innocence to Zahn regardless how damning the evidence.

Zahn, who serves as the show's narrator, outlines the crime from beginning to end. The story begins with the crime, followed by the background of the victims. Family members relay in heart-wrenching detail the victim's life, family, their goals, dreams, and how it was all taken away in the blink of an eye. Police and forensic personnel discuss their investigative tactic, and how they are able to tie the perpetrator to the crime. In some cases actual crime scene footage and pictures are shown. Prosecutors and defense attorneys are interviewed to give their spin on the case and why the feel the accuser is either guilty or innocent.

The last segment of the show usually features excerpts from the perpetrator's trial. When the guilty verdict is returned, friends and family members collapse with measured relief. Although the loved ones can never escape the heartbreak of having their loved ones taken away, they can take some solace in the fact that the perpetrators will never see the light of day again.

Sunday 10:00 PM et/pt on Investigation Discovery
17 Seasons, 238 Episodes
October 18, 2009
Cast: Paula Zahn
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On The Case With Paula Zahn Full Episode Guide

  • After a young mother goes missing during a Fourth of July weekend, it marks the beginning of a disturbing mystery, one that will devastate a loving family and tear a small community apart.

  • Police must sift through puzzling evidence and misleading accounts in order to solve a young girl's mysterious disappearance.

  • Decades of investigation reveal the long-sought truth behind the terrifying abduction and murder of a young mother of three.

  • A young girl disappears off a quiet suburban street, beginning a terrifying game of cat and mouse between police and her abductor.

  • A young woman's search for her birth mother ultimately leads her on a quest for justice.

  • A young mother inexplicably disappears in the middle of the night only to be found savagely murdered the next morning. The police retrace the tumultuous events of her last night alive in hopes of finding her killer.

  • As a 4-year-old girl, Heidi Jones discovered her mother's lifeless body on the living room floor. As an adult she guides police on a relentless quest to find her mother's killer.

  • A beautiful young woman is savagely murdered while fishing along the Platte River.

  • A young mother is viciously stabbed in broad daylight; and her final words may provide police with the key to catching her killer.

  • After two terrifyingly similar crimes, just days apart, a wave of fear sweeps across Aurora, Colo.; and the police seek to stop a hammer-wielding madman before he strikes again.

  • A teenager is found savagely murdered just steps from her home. When the investigation stalls police are approached by a brave young woman willing to risk her own safety to get justice.

  • A young woman working at a convenience store is abducted from behind the counter in the middle of the night. She becomes the first of three women in the small town to disappear under shockingly similar circumstances.

  • When a young woman and her 6-month-old child disappear off the quiet streets of Deerfield Beach, Fla., it is the beginning of a terrifying murder mystery.

  • A young woman is found shot to death off the side of a dirt road. Police hope their best clue, the bullet found at the scene, will unmask her killer.

  • A mother finds her teenage daughter murdered in their own home; decades later, a few drops of blood are discovered and may hold the key to solving the cold case.

  • A successful car salesman is killed in a hail of gunfire that erupts on his front porch.

  • The murder of a beloved and talented church organist sends police on a disturbing search for answers.

  • When John Greathouse got a call that his stepdaughter, Kelli Bailey, was late for her overnight hospital shift, he immediately went to check on her. When he walked into her home he stumbled into every parent's worst nightmare. He found Kelli sprawled out in the doorway of her bedroom and one touch of her cold ankle left him certain she was dead. John was heartbroken. The young woman he had helped raise had been murdered. As investigators surveyed the scene they found a series of puzzling clues left behind by Kelli's attacker. Could a video tape and a dead man's forged check be the keys to bringing a cold blooded killer to justice?

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