Nature Adventures with Terri and Todd

Be educated and entertained as you join Hosts Terri Lawrenz and Todd Magnuson on their next 'nature adventure'. Terri and Todd share their love of nature by taking us to a unique destination on each episode. Nature Adventures is a 'real' reality show where you experience what Terri and Todd experience first-hand. No large camera crews and no scripts. It's a real nature adventure!

Nature Adventures LLC
7 Seasons, 91 Episodes
July 19, 2018
Cast: Terri Lawrenz, Todd Magnuson, Tom Orton

Nature Adventures with Terri and Todd Full Episode Guide

  • The vastness of the prairie is home to a number of fascinating animals. Terri and Todd get up close and personal with the creatures, some of which will surprise you.

  • Todd and Terri travel to some of the most beautiful landscapes in North America. From mountains to deserts, they take on a tour of these areas, some of which you may never have heard of before.

  • Terri and Todd travel to Puerto Rico, with Ashley, and go under the sea to get up close to the animals that make the Caribbean their home.

  • The stories Todd can tell about the nature he has encountered is vast to say the least. On this episode he relives these stories in words and of course video, with Terri helping all the way.

  • Terri's adventurous spirit has taken her to so some incredible locations, and has found some amazing creatures. Follow her as she looks back at these areas, with Todd tagging along.

  • Todd has always found reptiles fascinating, and reluctantly, now Terri does too. On today's show they travel the western hemisphere seeking out their favorites, and show you what makes them so special.

  • The seas are home to creatures of all sizes, from snails to whales. And thriving in the salty waters can be challenging. Join Todd and Terri as they get up close to the creatures that make the oceans their home.

  • This beautiful island paradise offers something for everyone, from beaches to deserts, and jungles to plains. Today Terri, Todd, and Ashley travel to each of them to offer their unique perspective.

  • The hoofed animals of North America are some of the largest, fastest, and strongest on earth. Join Todd and Terri and they examine what makes each one so incredible.

  • Nocturnal animals are the focus as Terri and Todd go out after dark to study their behaviors. They also come across these night creatures during the day, giving a unique perspective on what makes the animals they find so special.

  • Puerto Rico is rich with wild creatures and Terri, Todd, and Ashley go from one end of the island to the other examining this diverse ecosystem and the animals that call it home.

  • Terri and Todd explore wetlands though out North America and examine how important these areas are and take an in depth look at the creatures found there.

  • Discover fall in the Black Hills as Todd and Terri feature the amazing things that happen in the Black Hills area after the tourists move out.

  • Join in the fun as Terri and Todd recount some of their favorite animal encounters over the years. Monkeys bears moose bobcat elephant seals sea turtles American crocs manatees burrowing owls.

  • The Pacific Coast in California is a great place for a nature adventure! Join us as they explore the sights and various habitats along the coast, in search of wildlife.

  • Terri and Todd visit some of their favorite destinations in the Black Hills of South Dakota. With so many places to explore, they highlight some of our favorite places to visit, and those they encourage everyone to add to their bucket list.

  • Florida is a state full of wildlife watching opportunities. Join Terri and Todd as they highlight some of their favorite Florida wildlife encounters! Lots of birds and gators.

  • Todd and Terri explore the Mobile, Alabama area. They find turtles and tortoises galore and rescue a water moccasin off the road. They also see those pitcher plants.

  • The coast of California is teaming with life! Join Todd and Terri on their trek along the coast. Explore tide pools and other habitats, and see some of California's smallest and largest creatures, from tiny snails to huge Elephant Seals!

  • Parrots in the wild in the United States? You bet! Today's discovery might come as a surprise to many. they travel to south Texas to experience finding parrots and parakeets in the wild. The northernmost point of their range is closer than they'd expect, and the discovery is a spectacular sight!

  • Terri and Todd travel to Alabama where they visit the Environmental Learning Center. At the Center they introduce us to some of the residents that are enrolled in their rehab program. At the center they see how important is in to use hands-on learning to teach youth about wildlife and nature.

  • Terri and Todd revisit ten of their favorite destinations. From Cozumel to northern Minnesota, this is crammed with a plethora of excitement and beauty around every turn!

  • Terri and Todd make a trek to the Rio Grande Valley in Texas to explore the many diverse habits. While there, they discover an amazing array of wildlife, including the Crested Caracara and some other peculiar birds called Chachalacas.

  • Terri and Todd go out looking for Sea Otters. Along the way, they make many other amazing discoveries!

  • Todd and Terri explore the Mobile-Tensaw Delta in Alabama, and learn the reasons why some people call it "America's Amazon".

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