I Want to Save Your Life

A person seeks out people to help them by changing their life. They are able to find overweight people and help them come up with a plan to lose the weight and keep the weight off. They also help by finding what factors pushed them to eat over their emotions in the first place.

WE tv
1 Season, 8 Episodes
April 25, 2009
Cast: Charles Stuart Platkin
I Want to Save Your Life

I Want to Save Your Life Full Episode Guide

  • Mindy is a passionate non-profit attorney who spends her days defending helpless abuse victims, but whose job stress has exacerbated a lifelong battle with obesity. Desperately fearful of rejection, this angel in the rough is aching to find love and a partner for life. Now, with the help of the Diet Detective, Mindy will eat blindfolded, brave a fierce kayak workout and learn how to balance saving the world with saving herself.

  • Stephanie dishes up gourmet all day long. Her constant access to food has resulted in days full of nibbling, topped off by late night drive-thrus. Even though she's 25 years old, this beautiful sassy lady is still living life like a kid. The Diet Detective has to break a career full of bad habits and bust through a lifetime of poor choices to help Stephanie graduate into adulthood. Replacing late night take-out with late night workouts, and a secret message tattooed on her arm brings this hardheaded hipster back to reality.

  • Shari is on her way to becoming a world-renowned sculptor. Her work has already been featured around the globe and she is in the final stretch of her graduate studies, with the biggest show of her career mere months away. But over the past five years, Shari has doubled in size, as her binge eating padded the stress of grad school and family pressures. Now, the Diet Detective will try to teach her to sculpt herself back to health by bringing back a life-long passion she's abandoned because of her weight. Shari will literally get back on the horse for the ride of her life.

  • Caro is an energetic, passionate and extremely talented young filmmaker. Her problem? She can't get off the couch to start living her life. The Diet Detective hurls her into a whirlwind of activity, fishing out her deep-seeded anxiety with a life-changing snorkeling lesson. She comes to the surface with a hard military training session, and a mean game of kick ball teaches her how to score. Can Caro leave behind her couch potato ways and start living her dream?

  • Diana and Juan are all set; they've got two great kids, two great careers-but their two hearts ain't so great. Battling a family history of heart disease, these high school sweethearts are stopped dead in their tracks with some serious medical news from the Diet Detective. Can this responsible couple take charge of their health and secure their healthy future for the kids?

  • The pressure of being a single mom has Sussy turning to food for comfort and sends her life-long dream of being a singer to the back burner. Her weight and lack of self-esteem have become an alarming problem and she knows she needs some help. After a doctor's appointment Sussy leaves in tears, she commits to the Diet Detective to get her life back on track. With a surprise visit from a high profile dance instructor, an inspirational art lesson, and a healthy dose of exercise, The Diet Detective teaches Sussy how to shine her own spotlight bright.

  • Charming and laugh-out-loud funny, Micah was born to be on stage. From stand-up comedy to heading up a rock and roll band, fame and success are knocking on his doorstep. But a past filled with shocking and life-altering events has held Micah back - on the surface he's a laugh a minute, but it's only to compensate for weighing 400 pounds. Food is his only comfort, and it's killing him. From "man boobs" to drive-throughs, this special episode has the Diet Detective reaching deep with jaw-dropping results.

  • Jennifer has a perfect life: a loving husband, successful business, beautiful home and three healthy kids. Instead of being happy with "having it all" she calls herself the "fat girl who lucked out." Each month she consumes tens of thousands of calories in sweets alone--secretly burying herself daily with food and self-loathing. Her behavior is out of control and it's time for the Diet Detective to intervene. After a two-hour cakewalk and a massive life reorganization, Jennifer learns how to stand firm against the deadliest food pusher of all - herself.

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