Bitter Sweet

Wang Da Shan is a retired colonel who lives with his son, three daughters, and his mother. With his military-like parenting habits, the Wang family march forward and live out each day together.

DramaFever Instant
1 Season, 74 Episodes
August 10, 2015

Bitter Sweet Full Episode Guide

  • In the series finale, Queen accepts a teaching position in Japan, leaving Shang Mo one last chance to reconcile. Da Shan and Shang Hao have a heart to heart talk about his romantic future and plans in the military.

  • Despite just leaving surgery, Zhi Xiang's mother encourages him to attend the military parade. Shang Hao earns a meeting with Mei Xin's father, and a special person returns.

  • Six months have passed and each of the couple's relationships have progressed. While preparing for a Military Police event, Zhi Xiang's mother is rushed to the hospital.

  • Shang Huan and Yu Fan play a game of Kabaddi to determine their future. Shang Mo gets closer to forgiving Queen. Zheng Hui has a surprise for Shang Wen.

  • Shang Mo develops a set of ground rules after An Jie gets jealous. Yu Fan reveals that he might be interested in going abroad for graduate school.

  • Shang Hao declares his intentions to date Mei Xin with Yu Ting meeting with Mr. Ai to find out why he hates military men. Shang Huan overhears Yu Fan declaring his feeling for her.

  • When Shang Mo gets upset and runs away from her birthday lunch, only Shang Hao can find her.

  • The Siblings and Grandma let Shang Mo know that they accept and love her, and she returns the favor to Queen. Zheng Hui returns from Tokyo but can't plan a proper surprise for Shang Wen.

  • Mo Mo runs away after learning that Queen is her real mother. An Jie comforts her as Queen visits Shang Hao.

  • Shang Mo wonders why Queen has her amulet in her possession. Grandma comes clean about her past and Shang Mo's parentage.

  • Shang Hao bonds with Zhi Xiang's Mother and An Jie and Shang Mo make up.

  • Shang Huan's fake group date succeeds in fooling Mei Xin's father until he meets Shang Hao and refuses to let them see each other.

  • Zhi Xiang's mother visits him on base. Feelings are brought to the surface as Shang Huan turns Yu Ting down and An Jie admits his feelings for Shang Mo.

  • Shang Mo figures out that An Jie is Angela and Shang Huan tries to use Yu Ting as a fake date for Mei Xin.

  • Shang Hao and Mei Xin resolve their misunderstanding. An emergency prevents An Jie from revealing that he is Angela.

  • An Jie debated telling Shang Mo that he is Angela. Shang Hao wonders what he did to upset Mei Xin.

  • After fighting with Ai Mei Xin, Shang Hao starts his motorcycle training and Mei Xin recruits Shang Huan to win over her strict father.

  • Yu Ting tries to use the family laser tag event to get close to Shang Huan, but can he stand seeing her with Yu Fan?

  • Yu Ting helps Shang Huan plan a laser tag event for the family and Grandma adopts Queen as her goddaughter.

  • Shang Huan and Yu Fan reconcile and go to the amusement park. Wen Wen takes care of Tian Tian while Zheng Hui is away.

  • Shang Mo tries to decipher An Jie's feelings for her. Meanwhile, Shang Huan sorts through her feelings for Yu Fan.

  • Grandma has a dizzy spell and has to go to the hospital. Zheng Hui and Shang Wen discuss going to Tokyo. An Jie has an online misunderstanding with Shang Mo.

  • Shang Wen and Zheng Hui plan to have dinner together. Yu Ting and Tian Tian conspire to win over the family.

  • Shang Hao takes rifle training and finishes his training, he and the F4 go to visit the family and challenge An Jie to games. Yu Fan and Shang Huan go on a date.

  • The family adjusts to Da Shan's absence. Queen bonds with Mo Mo on a new level and An Jie finds himself confessing to Mo Mo as she sleeps.

  • Da Shan talks to Woody about his problems and ends up passing out drunk. Tian Tian is increasingly scared of Chairman Xue's obsession with her.

  • Upset about being taken to Europe, Tian Tian runs away to the Wang household.

  • Queen's search for her benefactor leads to a shocking revelation. After Shang Wen refuses Chairman Xue's job offer, Chairman Xue ruthlessly tries to get custody of Tian Tian.

  • Shang Hao and An Jie continue to butt heads. Queen throws a barbecue with the intention of getting Shang Wen and Da Shan to reconcile.

  • After learning about the Zheng Hui's plan to move to Europe, Shang Wen goes to confront him, only to be caught by Da Shan. She learns about a key event in their relationship.

  • Chairman Xue's plan drives a wedge in between Shang Wen and Zheng Hui.

  • Woody has a moral dilemma about telling Da Shan about seeing Wen Wen with Zheng Hui and Tian Tian. Chairman Xue reveals a secret and offers an ultimatum.

  • After a rough start, An Jie earns a spot in the family, while Yu Ting tries too hard.

  • Shang Huan agrees to accept Yu Ting's true self. Queen forces An Jie to live at the Wang household and he has difficulty keeping up.

  • With Zheng Hui in the hospital, Wen Wen takes care of Tian Tian at home and presentations at work. Shang Huan learns Yu Ting's secret.

  • Shang Hao falls and injures Yu Fan. Zheng Hui works on a new opportunity but ends up sick and needs Shang Wen's help.

  • The family tries to resolve their issues with Shang Huan moving out. Da Shan takes her out for a meal and speaks from the heart, before giving a sincere gift to his three daughters.

  • Shang Huan has to choose between Yu Fan and Yu Tang, but picks her own option.

  • Misunderstandings about Shang Wen and Yu Fan's meeting lead to Shang Huan moving out, Shang Hao wanting to attack Yu Fan, and Yu Tang confessing his feelings.

  • Shang Huan reintroduces Shang Wen and Yu Fan. Shang Hao and Zhi Xiang are on military leave and discover Granny is on a mission of her own.

  • When Granny finds out that Da Shan has been investigating Lu, An Jie and Shang Mo pay the price. Shang Huan realizes that Yu Fan's Goddess might be Shang Wen.

  • While An Jie and Shang Mo are on an overnight outing, Da Shan recruits Queen to help him investigate Granny's boyfriend.

  • Shang Hao enjoys his time off with a date with Ai Mei Xin. The family suspects Granny is up to something.

  • Da Shan finally meets the man that's been spending time with Granny. Yu Fang asks Shang Huan out.

  • Da Shan takes on Queen as a student. Zhu Yu Ting makes a confession of love, but Shang Huan doesn't realize it is for her.

  • Shang Mo gets lost in the hills while working for Queen. Da Shan starts teaching a woodworking course. Shang Huan suspects her grandmother is seeing someone.

  • Shang Wen works to please the Vice-Director and a difficult client. Shang Hao realizes how entangled he is with Yu Fan.

  • Grandma starts a cycling group for seniors and Mo Mo continues to do well at her job. Jackass continues to help Shang Huan, by buying her company!

  • Grandma comes home just as the boys go off to Military Police Training. Shang Huan gets a new personal assistant... the Jackass!

  • After the conflict with the client, we learn the history Du Zheng Hui and Shang Wen. Sick of being considered a freak by Shang Mo, An Jie shows up to dinner.

  • Shang Wen confronts a problematic advertiser, and Shang Huan and Yu Fang team up to confront a scofflaw.

  • Zhi Xiang is fitting in with the Wang family, but unfortunately his abusive father shows up.

  • Shang Hao invites Zhi Xiang to stay at his house during their break. Da Shan has to track down Woody to make him apologize to his wife.

  • Yu Fan wants to give up on the hunt for the mystery girl when he sees Shang Wen and believes she's married. Shang Hao graduates from the Army in his own special way.

  • Shang Mo has her first day with Queen and fits in well. Shang Huan ends up hunting for Yu Fan's mystery girl with the Jackass.

  • Shang Hao gets selected for the military police and bonds with Li Zhi Xiang. The family goes shopping for Shang Mo's new job, but Shan Da is concerned about her new boss. Shang Wen celebrates too hard.

  • The encounter between Yu Fan and Shang Wen is revealed. Shang Mo deals with a shady employer then interviews for the job of her dreams.

  • Shang Wen comes up with an innovative way to save her magazine, Shang Mo might have a job offer, and Shang Huan offers to help Yu Fan find his dream girl.

  • Shang Huan is heartbroken over Yu Fan, but the girls come together to celebrate Father's Day and prepare for a typhoon.

  • After Tian Tian gets sick at school Tian Tian takes care of her. Shang Hao conquers the army obstacle course.

  • Woody has trouble at work and at home. Yu Fan confesses he has feelings for someone else.

  • Shang Hao heads back to camp, still heartbroken. Shang Mo goes on an interview and runs into a weird stranger.

  • Colonel Wang and Shang Hao's friends try to cheer him up. Shang Huan's pursuit of Yu Fan might encounter some complications

  • Shang Hao's girlfriend uses Visiting Day to break up with him, but his family cheers him up while he's on leave. Shang Wen ends up babysitting her boss' daughter.

  • Mo Mo teaches her father to use modern technology.

  • Wang Shang Hao enlists Mo Mo to get his girlfriend to talk to him. Uncle Woody drops by for a jog.

  • After Yu Fan delivers lunch to Shang Huan at work, she decides to work out. Shang Hao is still trying to call his girlfriend, but it seems she isn't interested any more.

  • Shang Hao gets in trouble for making bets during his army training. Colonel Wang has trouble understanding his daughter's feelings and ends up offending them. Shang Huan continues to pursue Yu Fan only to have a fan of her own.

  • There's a lot of sexual tension as Shang Wen tries to make her name for herself at work. Shang Huan tries to land her sister's account and tries to orchestrate a meeting with Yu Fan.

  • Retired Army Colonel Wang Da Shan tries to run his family like the army, only to butt heads with his three daughters, son, and mother. His son Shang Hao reports for military service and daughter Shang Huan encounters two potential suitors

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