Walking Dead Teasers: Is He, or Isn't He?

Walking Dead Teasers: Is He, or Isn't He?

Warning: If you've somehow managed to avoid knowing what's been going on lately on The Walking Dead, and you don't want to know yet, stop reading.

We've got to assume that Walking Dead fans are eventually move through all five of the stages of grief as they deal with the death of a beloved character, but right now, most seem to be stalled in the first stage -- denial -- with little sign that they're ready to move on.

It's been weeks since Glenn was apparently devoured by zombies, but fans are still desperately trying to come up with theories about the show's plot that allow for the character being alive after all. The early frontrunner theory was that the whole zombie-devouring scene was an hallucination, but after showrunner Scott Gimple all but ruled out that possibility in interviews, other theories took its place.

Currently popular theories depend on the possibility that Glenn somehow managed to escape the zombies, and those theories were given a glimmer of hope in last week's episode, when Daryl hears a faint cry for help over the radio. Could it have come from Glenn? Many fans think so, despite the fact that it didn't sound much like Glenn or that, more importantly, Norman Reedus, who plays Daryl, said in an interview with IGN that the voice is definitely not Glenn's.

Gimple has strongly implied that Glenn is, in fact, dead, and that the character will return later in some other "form." That might make fans angry, but at least anger would be a sign that fans are on their way to acceptance.

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