'True Blood' Preview: Watch 3 New Teaser Trailers for Season 5

True Blood Season 5 Tomorrow, the calendar will turn to April, which means we're one month closer to summer. That means, of course, that we're one month closer to "True Blood," too.

HBO is beginning their marketing campaign for "True Blood" season five already (even though there's no set premiere date yet), and the latest installment is this set of three teaser trailers.

Each one takes us inside a familiar location in Bon Temps: the vampire bar Fangtasia, and the houses of Sookie and Bill. There's a lot of history in all three, which is the theme of the teasers: "You can't escape your past."

That's why we hear sound bytes from past episodes in each POV tour, each one from a pivotal moment in the series. There's Sookie's first visit to Bill's house, and Bill's first "Sookie is mine"; there's the introduction of Alcide; there's a lot of talk about true death; and there's a ringing gunshot, the one that helped close out the last season.

Check out the teaser trailers for "True Blood" season 5 below:

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