Tina Fey Has New Baby Girl Named Penelope Athena

Tina Fey Has New Baby Girl Named Penelope Athena "30 Rock" star and "Saturday Night Live" alum Tina Fey had her second child, a baby girl named Penelope Athena on Wednesday, according to People. It's Fey's second baby girl with her composer husband Jeffrey Richmond.

Penelope's big sister is a five-year-old named Alice.

Fey talked to Oprah WInfrey back in April about having a child at 40.

"You get to 40 and you think well, do I really want to do it or is it because I'm running out of time," Fey said. "And also because I thought 30 Rock would be cancelled by now and I'd have time to do this."

"My husband and I really decided that we felt rather than risk having the show end in several years and feeling like part of our family is missing that we were going to prioritize our family," Fey said.

Congrats Tina!

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