New 'True Blood' Teaser Reveals Season 5 Footage

'True Blood' ]Season 5 Footage Okay, so we pulled one over on you guys earlier with that whole April Fools' "Breaking Dawn" trailer thing, but I promise this new "True Blood" season five teaser is real. Consider it our peace offering.

The quick teaser, which aired on Sunday night in front of the season 2 premiere of "Game of Thrones, is only 30 seconds long. But unlike the previous season 5 teasers for "True Blood," which only showed us locations and gave us sound bytes from previous episodes, this new teaser gives us glimpses of the upcoming season.

It starts off with Sookie digging a grave (you might have an idea who that's for if you watched last season's finale) and then shows us a bunch of hungry vampires, including Jessica and her sexy new look. All the while, a voiceover from someone that we can only assume is a member of the Vampire Authority tells us how we humans really only vampire food after all.

It would seem that all that vampire-positive PR that Bill has been working so hard on is for naught, and is definitely not in line with what the VA wants.

Check out the teaser for "True Blood" season 5 below:

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