Lindsay Lohan Involved in Theft? Naaaah.

Well color me shocked, because Lindsay Lohan’s involved in trouble again.

The recently signedScary Movie 5” star and renowned party girl already has a history of theft, and is in fact on probation for a 2011 case involving a $2,500 necklace. Now the freckled lady is being questioned regarding more jewels vanishing.

It’s being reported that, although police are checking with the redhead, she is not considered a suspect in the case.

However the two gentlemen that the classy lady brought with her are drawing some attention.

The jewelry disappeared on Monday at a Los Angeles home, where Lohan and some pals were having, more than likely, a low key, wine-and-cheese type sleepover, where they quoted some Byron and laughed until well near 11 pm.

Oh, just kidding.

Reports say, “The party lasted all night. Lindsay left around noon Monday, but before she took off… the owner realized several expensive watches and sunglasses were missing…. The cops approached Lindsay and began asking questions. Lindsay then asked, ‘Am I a suspect?’ A cop answered ‘No.’ Lindsay… blew them off and left. The owner of the house told cops… he believes the 2 men Lindsay brought to the party stole the goods.”

Lohan has been making an attempt at a legitimate comeback lately, including a biopic about Elizabeth Taylor entitled “Liz and Dick,” because if nothing else, Lohan knows a lot about at least one of those subjects.

However her usual strange behavior hasn’t been subsiding. Recently she made headlines for verbally attacking reality star Francesca Eastwood at her birthday party, screaming, “I’m a star and she’s a nobody, get her out of here!”

To which, reportedly, people laughed and distracted Lohan with shiny things and vodka.

For your added amusement, the most terrifying video you will ever watch.

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