Episode 'Jersey Shore' Season 3, Episode 14 'Seaside Reunion' Recap

Episode  'Jersey Shore' Season 3, Episode 14 'Seaside Reunion' Recap In the 7 months following the filming of “Jersey Shore” Season 3, a lot has happened for the Seaside reality family.

The Reunion Episode gave housemates a chance to catch up, starting with Mike “The Situation.”

According to Mike, who was immediately accused of not being able to unhook a bra, it was the best summer in Seaside. Side note: throughout the season, rumors have circulated that Mike is gay, which he denies. Mike was also called out for his desire to get women into sweatpants. According to Mike, it just makes things easier.

Vinny + Snooki = nothing but love. Well, for Vinny. Snooki, who has clearly moved on with boyfriend Jionni LaValle, says their relationship is “ruined.”

JWoww, who reaffirmed that this season was a direct result of Miami, is still in love with Roger Matthews, 35 – and still loves to urinate behind things.

Deena is just still… Deena. She said she had no regrets this season, aside from dropping her pants for Mike her first week on the show.

Ronnie has a new nickname for Mike: The Instigation.

Sammi and Ronnie dish on their breakup, while almost getting into a heated debate.

"I think we both realized this was a little bit of a toxic relationship and we needed a break from each other," Sammi said.

Pauly D: for the most part, the good DJ is drama free. Must be keeping things low key and in suspense for his upcoming spin off show, "Pauly's World."

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