'Fear Factor' Twins Don't Regret Donkey-Semen Stunt

'Fear Factor' Twins Don't Regret Donkey-Semen Stunt Sure, NBC scrapped last night's new "Fear Factor" featuring a donkey semen-chugging stunt. Two contestants tell TMZ that doesn't mean they regret doing it.

Quite the opposite, actually.

Twins Claire and Brynne took part in the gag reflex-testing prime-time NBC show's outing in which three twin sibling pairs put a $50,000 price on enduring direct contact with an electric fence, testing their respective combined physical prowess against a speeding freight train and ultimately, chugging donkey semen like it contained a cure for the common cold.

The inherent physical respects carried by the two former stunts, it was the latter that apparently pushed NBC programming executive Robert Greenblatt over the line when reviewing the episode and not long before it was to air Monday night, deciding it just wasn't ready for primetime. Or probably any time.

NBC instead aired a rerun last night, but TMZ caught up with the very attractive twins and learned the pair don't, as some harsher critics apparently do, consider the stunt "porn" or "bestiality." The pair are legally bound not to discuss productions details - not even, as the interviewer inquires, describing the donkey spunk's flavor bouquet - but they do get somewhat candid otherwise. In fact, both shoot the interviewer "What kind of dumbass are you?" responses and looks when he simply asks if there's any difference between porn and what the pair did in a stunt that will probably only ever be seen if it makes it onto an "unrated" or "uncensored" DVD release for the returning show.

To additionally clarify, though, only Claire drank the semen. Brynne reportedly instead drank urine.

More fun facts to know and tell: neither is completely unheard-of even outside the realms of very particular sexual fetishes and porn genres. In Australia and New Zealand, horse semen is often consumed during certain occasions. Meanwhile, former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Lyoto Machida years ago confirmed publicly that his family - of combined Japanese and Brazilian ancestry - has since Machida's childhood drunk their own urine frequently.

"It was a great experience," one twin said. "We're appreciative to NBC for giving us that."

The sudden reluctance to talk about the experience is a bit puzzling. TMZ also ran a story Jan. 30 with a clip from a radio interview in which Claire describes drinking the donkey juice as "the hardest fifteen minutes of her life" and that the semen, which had apparently been sitting all day in the sun, tasted bitter with "hints of hay." Convenient when they remember and forget the confidentiality agreement.

Watch the minute-long interview below, but here's the crazy part: for as jaw-droppingly low a price as $50,000 is for the execution of one's self-respect in primetime, their argument defending the stunt actually holds water. Let that sink in just a moment. Downing donkey semen like Kool-Aid has just been successfully justified as not meeting pornography's accepted definition.


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