Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Re-Runs: 'Friday Night Lights' Moves to ESPN

Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Re-Runs: 'Friday Night Lights' Moves to ESPN "Friday Night Lights" fans are about to find a big hole in their TV schedule every winter/summer (depending on if you have DirecTV) once the series wraps up its run on NBC this Friday. Lucky for them, though, the series is finding itself a new life on ESPN, of all places.

Starting July 12th, ESPN will begin airing episodes of the football-centric series starting at season one. So if you were hoping to re-live the magic of "FNL" from day one, you're in luck!

The interesting thing about this move is the likely shift in advertising that the show will take. After all, fans of the show know that it's as much about the personal drama and relationships between the characters as it is about football...or, perhaps even more so. Granted, ESPN is about as good a place as any to put a show about high school football, but you have to wonder if die-hard sports fans are going to get what they were hoping for if they tune in to "FNL" for the first time.

Of course, considering how addictively good the show is, I doubt anyone will be complaining if there isn't enough actual football in it.

You can catch a couple of episodes on ESPN on July 12th, after which point ESPN Classic will begin airing a marathon of episodes. Can't lose!

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