Charlie Sheen Escapes Charges From NYC Hoooker and Cocaine Scandal

Charlie Sheen Escapes Charges From NYC Hoooker and Cocaine Scandal Charlie Sheen escapes any further charges stemming from his New York City meltdown before Thanksgiving. Actually, he didn’t have any charges filed against him. He just put himself up for public ridicule again, by being a messed up, prostitute hiring moron. Again.

Don’t these stars ever learn to skip out on the prostitutes? Seriously, Charlie can’t find a regular girl who is interested in him? OK, skip that question, because looking at his past and his problems, he probably can’t.

The really good news for Charlie is that since no criminal charges were filed, he didn’t break any rules in his probation. Judges from his Aspen mess last year were closely watching to see what happened, but didn’t do anything until they heard from New York. Which is nothing shaking down.

This news means that Capri Anderson, aka Christina something or other in her non-hooker name, will be on the circuit again. She sold her story to abc already and tried to look like a scorned woman. But let’s face it – she got a lot of air time on TV to get her name recognized. Charlie got another black PR eye for his people to spin. Didn’t he star on that show, Spin City?

Charlie is laying low, supposedly hanging out with his kids, Denise Richards – the second ex – and Brooke Mueller – the third ex. Why are they hanging out with him now, if he was so bad to be married to? Are they all working the PR angle to make themselves look better? Why is no one taking Charlie to rehab? Or did he already go quietly and that’s why no one is talking?

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