'2 Broke Girls' Season 3, Episode 23: 'And the Free Money' Recap

'2 Broke Girls'  Season 3, Episode 23: 'And the Free Money' Recap Max and Caroline take shots while paying their bills. For the first time, they break even.

Sophie comes into the diner to announce she's met the man of her dreams. She brings him in to introduce him - Nicky. He hands Max and Caroline $100 for bringing over menus, and they're floored. Sophie explains he's a bookie. He invites them out to the horse track turf club.

Max and Caroline revel at the turf club, enjoying the free food. Caroline talks Max into letting her bet, familiar with racing. She gives Nicky $200 to bet, and Caroline's horse wins.

That night Caroline tries to sneak the money out of Max's pants while she sleeps, wanting to put it back into betting. Max allows her, if she takes the money out of her bra.

However Caroline doesn't do so well this time around. She ends up owing Nicky $3,000. She thinks she just needs one sure thing, and tomorrow there are two horses she can bet on. Han knows the jockey of one of the horses, and promises to get Caroline the scoop in exchange for no more short jokes.

They go back to the turf club, but Caroline's horse loses. She thinks maybe Nicky will be gentle on them because of Sophie, but Sophie comes in and says she just dumped him for beating the crap out of someone who owed him money.

Caroline tells Nicky she doesn't have the money, and he says he'll just take Chestnut.

Luckily Earn steps in from "retirement," and wins their money back for them to pay off Nicky, but makes Caroline promise no more gambling. He even gives them back their original $100.

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