'2 Broke Girls' Season 3, Episode 16: 'And the Near Death Experience' Recap

'2 Broke Girls'  Season 3, Episode 16: 'And the Near Death Experience' Recap Han happily informs the girls it's time for spring cleaning in the diner. Both Max and Caroline attempt to get out of their chores.

Chef Nicolas comes in to see Caroline. She sends Max out with an excuse to avoid speaking with him. He texts Caroline and invites her to dinner. She texts him she'll have dinner with him when he leaves his wife.

At class, Deke has the flu. When class is over, Caroline rushes in, determined to avoid Nicolas. It doesn't work, he finds her before she can escape. He tells her he is leaving his wife, so now they can be together.

Max finds Caroline at the diner. Apparently Caroline left right after the announcement and "blacked out" regarding the news. She is aghast. She didn't actually want him to leave his wife, she was just flirting and having a "distraction."

Oleg reassures her that it's just something men say, and Caroline feels better that she hasn't broken up a marriage. Caroline gets a text from Nicolas that he is telling his wife at four p.m., and Oleg says with a time frame, it's for real. She flips.

Caroline goes to speak with him, Max in tow, and tells him not to break up with his wife. As she is in France they assume the two will break up via Skype, but the buzzer rings: Nicolas informs them he is breaking up with her in person. Caroline dumps Nicolas and tries to run, but he stops her, furious, claiming she has been leading her on. When he realizes he doesn't have a shot with her, he pushes them into the bathroom so they don't ruin things with his wife.

They overhear her saying she has to use the toilet, and they have nowhere to hide. Nicolas comes in and tells them to go out the window.  It's pouring rain outside, making the very high ledge slick. Caroline goes out, but wants to come back in. Terrified, she can't move however, so Max goes out to get her. Nicolas' wife goes into the bathroom and closes the window.

The two inch along the ledge toward the neighbors' window. It begins to hail. Caroline gestures, and slips, but Max grabs her, saving her life. The two fall backward through Nicolas' other window in front of the wife.

Wearing neck braces, they return to work, bruised and with whiplash, but alive, and most definitely having broken things off with Nicolas.

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