Vice Raid

""Models" Booked On Morals Charge!"

Fans of Hollywood B-movies should check out Vice Raid. It is a 1964 crime drama full of B-level plots and action. Mamie Van Doren and Richard Coogan are featured in the leading roles. Doren plays a blond bombshell named Carol Hudson, and Coogan is dedicated Police Sgt. Whitney Brandon. He fights against the rampant corruption that has infected his city. Hudson is a model whom the mob uses to set up Coogan on fake charges. When her sister, however, is raped and beaten she turns to Brandon for help. This is typical B-move fare, but quite enjoyable for fans of the genre.

| 1960 | 1 hr 12 min | 5.3/10
Edward L. Cahn
Vice Raid
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