The Unnamable

"There are things on God's Earth that we can't explain and we can't describe. From the depths of Hell comes..."

Randolph shares ghost stories with his pals Howard and Joel, remarking that they are hanging out in the graveyard near the haunted house featured in his stories. He also mentions the story of Joshua Winthrop, whom was slain by his demonic child, Alyda. While Randolph and Howard head back to school, Joel decides to brave the Winthrop estate alone.

Not long after, several students decide to check out the estate, finding a room to swap ghost stories. Howard explain to Randolph that Joel never returned. Things then take a dark turn, with Randolph's stories baring their truth in bloody death.

| 1988 | 1 hr 36 min | 4.9/10
Jean-Paul Ouellette, Jean Paul Ovellette
The Unnamable
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