The Last American Virgin

"The comedy that puts ZIP into being a teen..."

The Last American Virgin is an American teenage film that is typical for the genre in 1982. It is a remake of other film ideas combined together by writer and director Boaz Davidson; it was made for American audiences and movie viewers. The storyline of The Last American Virgin centers around the lives of Rick, David, and Gary. The trio are played by newbie actors Steve Antin, Joe Rubbo, and Lawrence Monoson, respectively. Three young people have never been so determined to have sex, nor willing to try any scheme or method that they can think of to do it. They are three young boys wanting desperately to become men, but nearly all their best efforts end in ridiculous failure or utter disaster. There are mostly foiled attempts by the boys to lose their virginity, until the later half of the film.

At this point Gary and Rick become involved in a love triangle with a transfer student named Karen, who is played by Diane Franklin. Both Gary and Rick become involved with Karen, then she gets pregnant. It becomes an emotionally damaging situation for all three, making them face the realities of sex. The story is not your typical happy ending or feel-good movie tale; it ends with heartbreak and ending of friendships. In this way The Last American Virgin maybe more realistic than other similar films of the teenage flick genre.

The Last American Virgin has become a movie with cult fans and status as an underground favorite. Within the characters and storyline lie the most basic American fears in the life of the average teenager.

| 1982 | 1 hr 32 min | 6.3/10
Boaz Davidson
The Last American Virgin
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