Watch Global Treasures: Versailles - Chateau De Versailles Paris, France

Versailles was the former palace and dream castle of the French 'Sun King', Louis the Fourteenth. The history of Versailles covers the rise and fall of the Bourbons whose reign covered the most remarkable period of French history. Here, the French king lavishly entertained the decadent nobility, oblivious to the unrest caused by their false pride, supreme arrogance and almost total disregard for the poverty of the French people that would eventually lead to Revolution.Magnificent fountains decorate the palace's huge park that was created by 35,000 workers, a hundred hectares of ingenious garden design with a strict symmetry of wide star-shaped garden paths that seem to be without end.

1969 | 11 min
Global Treasures: Versailles - Chateau De Versailles Paris, France
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