Global Treasures: Tower of London & Tower Bridge - London, England

The Tower Of London is the home of the Crown Jewels and one of the many historical sights of the United Kingdom's capital city. Just as with the British Empire, the Tower has a colorful and dramatic past and it was originally designed as a fortress by William The Conqueror. Not far from the Tower's original main entrance prisoners were taken through Traitors' Gate into the notorious dungeons. In 1843 the moat dried up but the old fortress and its towers have survived to the present day. It must have been a terrifying experience to be imprisoned there and few prisoners lived to tell the tale of the rigors of the Tower. Many members of the English royal family were executed in the Tower but there were times when official execution was replaced by cold-blooded murder. Anne Boleyn, the second wife of King Henry The Eighth, was the most famous of those who fell victim to the Tower. Tower Bridge is a masterpiece of Victorian technology and construction. Its drawbridge once allowed large sailing ships to travel to the center of the city. Today, however, the majority of large ships dock downstream and now the famous old bridge is raised around nine hundred times each year to facilitate the passage of numerous vessels that travel along the Thames. Even today the River Thames is ruled by this majestic bridge and the spectacular view from the Bridge's 50 meter high walkway is truly fascinating. Tower Bridge and the Tower Of London are without any doubt two of London's most striking and fascinating landmarks.

1969 | 10 hr
Global Treasures: Tower of London & Tower Bridge - London, England
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