Global Treasures: Notre Dame - Paris, France

It is believed that the origin of the richly decorated Episcopal cathedral of Notre Dame dates back to the time of Bishop Maurice De Sully in 1163. But the majority of the cathedral's present day architecture with its strange and fantastic creatures of ancient mythology, such as the chimeras, was designed in the 19th century.The church owes much of its fame to the famous French author, Victor Hugo and his book The Hunchback Of Notre Dame, a great classic of French literature. The stone chimeras are reminiscent of the book's main character, Quasimodo.The remarkable and beautifully designed rose windows in the transept are particularly noteworthy as each is original and dates back to 1270 A.D.In 1804 Napoleon Bonaparte was crowned emperor in Notre Dame by Pope Pius The Seventh on this famous island on the River Seine, the Ile De La Cite.

1969 | 10 hr
Global Treasures: Notre Dame - Paris, France
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