Global Treasures: Grand Canal - Venice Italy

Almost every city possesses a special street but for Venice it's the Canal Grande, the most beautiful 'street' in the world, a thoroughfare of water that contains opulent palaces and religious buildings, such as Santa Maria Della Salute of which the foundation is built on more than a million wooden supports. The Canale Grande is the lagoon city's main street and winds its way over almost 4 kilometers. It is its bridges that give Venice its distinctive character. Built on twelve thousand posts, the Rialto Bridge has always been the city's center of commerce. In the 5th century, the Hun invaded and destroyed the fishing villages along the Adriatic coast, their inhabitants seeking refuge on the islands of the lagoon. Built on 118 islands, the 'City On The Sea' gradually began to develop. Trade flourished and Venice eventually became the Mediterranean's leading sea power. Its merchants became incredibly rich and well knew how to display their wealth. A Sea Republic developed and the Piazza San Marco became the center of the lagoon city. The first Doge was elected and today his palace is evidence of the power and magnificence of this bygone era. Nearly 2500 pillars of granite and marble support the walls of the city's largest and most famous cathedral the Basilica Di San Marco and the many palaces that are located on the banks of the Canale Grande are further examples of Venetian power and influence. Venice is a city made of stone and water, a powerful, old and proud city that has withstood the test of time.

1969 | 11 min
Global Treasures: Grand Canal - Venice Italy
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