Bhoomiyile Rajakkanmar

This film is about a chemical engineer named Rakesh. He is studying at one of the finest schools in the country of India to advance his career and become a manager at his company. However, when the school is shut down, he doesn't receive a refund nor does he get the training he needs. Soon after that, to make matter worse, he finds out that his company is firing him just before the upcoming holiday season. He decides that he only has one option: start his own training program and help others like him. This inspirational story provides universal and timeless themes.

1987 | 2 hr 14 min | 6.9/10
Bhoomiyile Rajakkanmar
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Bhoomiyile Rajakkanmar Malayalam comedy Scene|1:42
Bhoomiyile Rajakkanmar Malayalam Movie Super Performance of Mohanlal|2:32
Bhoomiyile Rajakkanmar Malayalam comedy Scene Mohanlal|1:37
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